Asked Questions

1. Is GET a groundwater model?

No. GET is a tool that uses your MODFLOW model. Your first-year subscription includes us loading your model and configuring the interface to answer questions you choose.

2. Does GET build or edit groundwater models?

No. GET is a tool to run groundwater models; however, Olsson has model experts on staff who can build and edit models.

3. Does GET actually run a model?

Yes. The GET uses MODFLOW to run your model. Each run produces a standard MODFLOW list file as one of the outputs.

4. What outputs does GET produce?

GET produces graphical charts and heat maps which can be downloaded and printed. Outputs include Impacts to Base Blow, Water Level Change, Water Budget, and others.

5. Does GET work with my MODFLOW model version?

Yes. GET currently works with nearly all versions of MODFLOW in existence. The correct version of MODFLOW is stored with your model. Contact us to learn specifics.

6. Is there a limit to how many model runs I can make?

No. You can run GET as many times as you wish while under subscription. GET is scalable in real-time to accommodate multiple runs by multiple users.

7. Do I need to buy new computers or servers to use GET?

No. You only need a web browser with internet connection. GET was intentionally designed to eliminate the dependence on specialized computer hardware.

8. I see the benefits of GET but we don't currently have a model.

Olsson has expert groundwater modelers on staff who can help with creation of new models or sub-regional models.

9. Our MODFLOW model was developed by others and we don’t have a copy.

If you paid for the model development, there is a good chance you will be able to access the model files.

10. Does GET eliminate the need for modelers?

GET is a tool for all to aide in groundwater management. A water manager might use GET to produce visuals for a report or presentation. A groundwater modeler might use GET to make multiple runs in a short period to narrow down an analysis.

11. Does GET store my results?

Yes, GET stores both the inputs and outputs of every run that you perform.

12. Is my data secure?

Yes. Each user of GET has a private account. Only you or other users of your choosing can see your data.

13. Can I download raw output data to use on my own?

Yes, chart data can be downloaded to csv format.

14. How do I purchase GET?

GET is sold on as an annual renewable subscription which includes initial loading of your model, unlimited use, and technical support via email or phone.

15. How much does a GET annual subscription cost?

GET subscriptions begin at $12,000 per year and increases depending on complexity, number of models, and number and type of scenarios.

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