What exactly is GET?

It has traditionally been a very cumbersome process to change model inputs to represent a specific water management question.

A simple question that a water manager may ask is, What are the modeled impacts to aquifer levels during the next five years if a new well permit is granted? It may take days to weeks to set up this scenario, run it, and prepare a report with the findings.

With GET, the same process takes only minutes without sacrificing the integrity of the modeling process. MODFLOW is still the engine that performs all of the calculations.

All of this and more

Whatever your situation is, we have a suite of tools ready to help, customized to you specifically.

Water Budget
Water Budget by Zone
Water Budget by Budget Item
Water Level Map
Drawdown Map

Best Available Science

A ton of verified data about our aquifers already exists. It's just not being used. That's where GET comes in. GET currently is able to use any groundwater flow model developed for MODFLOW, a publicly available software developed by the U.S. Geological Survey.


If you have an internet connection, you can access all this data in seconds. GET can even be linked to other online platforms for instant data sharing.

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