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Introducing GET

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Water is one of our most precious resources. Less than 1% of the water on earth is attainable for human consumption and agriculture and the demand is rising. This is not going to change. Decisions made and actions taken today are intended to set a course for correction; yet the effect of these actions might not be seen for years. With the stakes this high, water managers need the best science and most innovative tools available.

Groundwater Evaluation Toolbox (GET), the next generation of groundwater management software was created for this purpose. GET provides water managers the best technology available at their fingertips empowering them to make the best possible decisions about our future.

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GET is built in the cloud to eliminate dependency on hardware and operating systems.

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Use Your Own Model

GET uses your own model that you know and understand.

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Customized to You

Your GET account is set up specifically to answer the questions you choose.

The Traditional Method

The traditional method of using groundwater models is a complex sequence of data handling and computer programming. A typical sequence might be:

  • Create input text files using Excel or custom programming
  • Execute the MODFLOW model, often a difficult task
  • Export output data
  • Use a graphics package to view the results

Quickly Get Answers

Select the scenarios that matter to you. The Groundwater Evaluation Toolbox is capable of these evaluations, and many more!

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Aquifer Water Levels

See the effects of irrigation pumping, retiring wells, augmentation projects, and more on your aquifer levels.

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Surface Water

Show the impacts of groundwater pumping to surface water features.

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Source Water Protection

Identify where your groundwater comes from.

A Paradigm Shift

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