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This video provides an general description of the GET software. There is a discussion on the complexity of the groundwater modeling process and how GET simplifies that process. Examples of how GET is already being used are discussed and the initial login process for a trial of GET is demonstrated.

GET Action: Add a Well

Water management questions can be as simple as wanting to know the impact of allowing a new well or retiring an existing well on the aquifer, nearby streams, and existing water users. This video shows how GET simplifies the process of making a small change to an existing model by adding or removing a well.

GET Action: Adjust Pumping

Often groundwater modeling studies culminate in the construction of a future scenario and the presentation of the results of that simulation. But of course this is only one of an infinite number of possibilities, typically based on past behaviors that are bound to change. Water managers can benefit enormously by having the ability to quickly and easily manipulate this future simulation by simply increasing or decreasing the amount of groundwater pumping in a given area. This video shows how this analysis can be accomplished using GET.

GET Action: Managed Recharge

There are many existing and planned projects that provide benefits to a given aquifer by enhancing the amount of recharge beyond what occurs naturally. While recharge amounts are easily quantifiable through a simple water budget analysis, groundwater model simulations are required to provide an understanding of the fate of this recharge water over time. This video provides a demonstration of how GET makes these groundwater model simulations quick and easy to do.

Reviewing Action Results

The GET software has many features that allow the user to review the results of model simulations. These features include charts of various water budget components as well as maps of changes in water levels. This video provides a demonstration of these features and an explanation of how to navigate through them.

Action Management and Data Upload

Two of the most important features of GET are the fact that GET stores your model runs for you for future review and reuse, and GET allows you to directly upload your data from simple spreadsheet formats. This video demonstrates the features of model action management in GET and the process for uploading data for use in modeling simulations.

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